• “Work is limitless and time is limited. Our health is the freedom to live life as we choose to do so.”
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our corporate objectives

We strive to eradicate stigma, change behaviours & cultures and promote the value of good leadership to reduce the prevalance of burn-out and suicide amongst medical doctors. We also strongly believe in the concept of a compassionate culture to benefit doctors health, see below to read more.

4 – Raise awareness
Raise awareness of these issues in the public domain to encourage society to have an improved consideration and understanding of the medical profession that cares for them.
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We are passionate about the value of positive wellbeing for doctors and we will....
1 – Culture Change
Positively campaign for culture change within the medical profession and NHS to remove the stigma associated with Doctor burn-out resulting from them having heavy workloads and operating in a high pressure and stressful environment.
2 – Organisational Responsibility
Encourage a wider organisational responsibility for the working environments of doctors that include the value of their mental wellbeing for the positive benefit of the NHS, its workforce and the patients they serve.
3 – Confidential Resources
Independently and without prejudice, direct doctors to approved and secure confidential resources so that they can get help when dealing with wellbeing/burn-out/stress issues.

Stop #PhysicianBurnout - Take back the Keys to your Quality of Life from the Whirlwind of Your Practice. One Step, 20 Minutes, Big Difference. Tempest Fuget - Carpe Diem #hcsm https://t.co/XYDHg62J98

Thank you Amandip of @DoctorsDistress for opening up your mind, heart and home for us to record an episode of the #Surgical #Spirit #Podcast.
It's due to be released in October.
It was emotional.
#physician #suicide isn't difficult to discuss, but alas necessary.

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