• “Work is limitless and time is limited. Our health is the freedom to live life as we choose to do so.”

A charity committed to eradicating stigma, change behaviours & cultures and promote the value of good leadership to reduce suicide rates of medical doctors.

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4 – Raise awareness
Raise awareness of these issues in the public domain to encourage society to have an improved consideration and understanding of the medical profession that cares for them.
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Our primary goal is to reduce stigma, change behaviours & cultures and promote the values of good leadership to reduce the prevalance of burn-out and suicide amongst medical doctors of all disciplines working in the NHS. We will....
1 – Culture Change
Positively campaign for culture change within the medical profession and NHS to remove the stigma associated with Doctor burn-out resulting from them having heavy workloads and operating in a high pressure and stressful environment.
2 – Organisational Responsibility
Encourage a wider organisational responsibility for the working environments of doctors that include the value of their mental wellbeing for the positive benefit of the NHS, its workforce and the patients they serve.
3 – Confidential Resources
Independently and without prejudice, direct doctors to approved and secure confidential resources so that they can get help when dealing with wellbeing/burn-out/stress issues.

Looking forward to participating in this important conference tomorrow which offers practical solutions to managing doctors in difficulties. See you there!


Talking #sleep and #health and how shift-work can impact us as well advice for #doctors on night shifts is @DrMikeFarquhar whose work has led to the “HALT: Take A Break” Campaign and an award for his contribution to the #FightFatigue campaign.
full ep: http://bit.ly/_sleep101

It’s wrong to characterise doctors as always complaining, as has happened today. Most doctors do the best they can in a pressured NHS. As @RCPLondon president, I regularly challenge government but that’s not complaining - it’s telling it as it is. We also have solutions!

@TheDA_UK Dr Parmar says he knows of three colleagues who have taken their own lives due to regulatory and workplace pressures. @TheDA_UK calls annually on the GMC to publish figures on doctors who die by suicide while under investigation, he says.

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