Doctors in Distress is a UK based independent charity that promotes and protects the mental health of all healthcare workers and prevents suicides in the medical profession.

Doctors In Distress: Our Story

Doctors in Distress was founded in 2018 by Amandip Sidhu following the suicide of his brother Jagdip. Jagdip was a consultant cardiologist. He was overworked, burned out and felt he had nowhere to turn. He believed taking his life was the only answer.

Amandip established the charity so no other healthcare worker would have to experience the same pain as Jagdip.

At the time of writing, healthcare workers are facing immense pressure. A 2023 survey shows that 34% of staff are suffering from burnout and 37.4% are emotionally exhausted because of work and the mental impact of the pandemic is still being felt by many on a daily basis.

At Doctors in Distress we strongly believe in the power of talking. This is why we have set up our peer support groups – spaces where healthcare workers can access support away from work and speak with other people experiencing the same stresses. Our groups are a place to share, to reflect, to receive advice and to support others.

We are also working with decision makers to ensure that mental health support is prioritised for all healthcare workers. Whilst the stigma around talking about mental health remains, change will be limited. We are working with leaders to facilitate transformational change within the healthcare sector to support staff and reduce the stigma.

Our Programmes

We run a range of free group-based peer programmes focused on mental health for all healthcare workers. These vary from, drop-in sessions and creative classes, to webinars where a health professional shares their mental health experience.

How you can support us

We run a series of fundraising campaigns throughout the year. To find out more about how to support us click the button below.

Doctors in Distress Highlights:

The Caroline Flack Mental Health Hero Award

Our founder Amandip Sidhu won the Caroline Flack Mental Health Hero award.

Tree Planting Campaign

We launched a national tree planting campaign together with our patron, Adam Kay, an award winning writer and former doctor), with the aim of getting a memorial tree at every hospital trust across the country to remember those who have died by suicide

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