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Doctors in Distress focuses on supporting medical staff to prevent worsening of mental health issues.

If you feel like you are struggling and want immediate help or something more than we provide, please have a look at the services below. They are there to help.

information and resources for doctors in distress
doctors in distress information and resources


Doctors in Distress, through running surveys and our group services has contributed to research.

Our first report on Doctors with Long COVID developed a better understanding of how serious an issue mental ill-health and wellbeing is within the medical workforce.

Please see our news page to view the report.


Doctors in Distress focuses on the prevention of worsening mental health issues, we do not provide therapy. We can, however, signpost you to treatment services.

Our social media provides a number of tips on how you can improve your mental health.

Anxiety UK – UK charity aiming to promote the relief and rehabilitation of people suffering with anxiety disorders through information and provision of self-help services.

BMA Wellbeing Support – The BMA runs a dedicated 24 hour support line staffed by professional counsellors as well as a peer support service.

Cavell Nurses Trust – Trust helping nurses, midwives and healthcare assistants, both working and retired, when they’re suffering personal or financial hardship. They offer specific financial support for Nurses who are struggling with Long Covid.

Depression Alliance – UK charity for people affected by depression, offering help to people with depression, run by people with personal experience of depression themselves.

DocHealth – A specialist paid-for psychotherapeutic service for doctors supported by the BMA and the Royal Medical Benevolent Fund. Self-referring doctors can access up to six face to face sessions with the service and further care can be advised. All doctors in the UK are able to self-refer to this service.

DSN – Doctors’ Support Network, peer support for doctors and medical students with mental health concerns.

Frontline 19 – Free and confidential psychological support service for people working in frontline services in the UK.

FutureLearn – Psychology and mental health course to provide learners with vital skills, research and training for their professional development.

MIND – A mental health charity in England and Wales, working to create a better life for everyone with experience of mental distress.

Practitioner Health – Established in 2008, the Practitioner Health Programme supports practitioners with mental or physical health problems including; addiction, particularly if these affect their work. A dedicated 24 hour text crisis support is available to all doctors in England.

Papyrus – Working to prevent youth suicide – for people under 35.

Psychiatrists Support Service, Royal College of Psychiatrists – A confidential support and advice telephone helpline for Members or Associates of the College.

Royal College of Surgeons Confidential Support and Advice for Surgeons (CSAS) – Offers a confidential telephone line as a point of personal contact between surgeons, which is intended to offer a listening ear and will act as an informed signpost to appropriate sources of advice and support.

Samaritans – For everyone and anyone, whether you’re having a difficult time yourself or are worried about someone else.

Sick Doctors Trust – Provides early intervention and treatment for doctors suffering from addiction to alcohol or other drugs.

Suicide Bereaved Community – Offers support to and from a community of people who have suffered bereavement by suicide, by providing opportunities for social get-togethers and for networking, both online and in person.

The Cameron Fund – The GPs’ own charity. It is the only medical benevolent fund solely supports general practitioners and their dependants. We provide support to GPs and their families in times of financial need, whether through ill-health, death or loss of employment. We help those who are already suffering from financial hardship and those who are facing it.

The Couch ( – You need to register with but this ensures that only genuine UK doctors can gain access. There is a forum “The Couch” for mutual support and advice, plus the option of anonymous posting for delicate issues. The Couch also carries a long list of doctors around the UK who are happy to help others who are in distress.

The Tea & Empathy Group – Is an open Facebook group for health professionals to provide informal peer support to each other.