‘Real Life Cognitive Dysfunction’ by Kerry

“Hi I’m Kerry. I’m 44, Pre Covid I was as fit as a fiddle, ran 3 times a week, I’m a nurse, a mum of two, active and healthy.

I started displaying Covid symptoms last March 2020, not the ‘typical’ symptoms at first the cough and temperature arrived many days later- thankfully I had an respectful and accepting GP, and an extremely supportive and understanding Occupational Health Consultant. I was clinically diagnosed with Long Covid last year.

This is a snippet of my debilitating journey, just a fragment of my 14 months living with Long Covid.”


One of the wonderful participants of our nurses and allied healthcare workers support groups has written a very moving blog post entitled ‘Real Life Cognitive Dysfunction,’ describing her struggles with Long COVID for the last year and a half.

Click here to view the full piece.

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