Support Groups at Doctors in Distress

Doctors in Distress and Reflective Spaces provide confidential, specialist-led groups where health professionals can come and share their experiences, talk with each other and listen to other people in the same situation.

“I didn’t really know what to expect but it has actually been the first time I can openly discuss having had Covid and the longer term affect it is having on my life, with people who can honestly relate to it, even if not in exactly the same way. It has been a space to be honest about worries and annoyances but also a place of positivity and learning. Our group will continue to support each other via a Whatsapp group we have created so that we don’t lose this support for each other.”

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What We Offer…


10 week support groups

Opening 90 minute group event. This opens up the topic, provides examples of lived experience and allows a space for questions, answers and general discussion. We tend to ask an expert in the field to speak at these events. For example, for our ITU group webinar we heard from Consultant Anaesthetist Professor Kevin Fong.

8 weekly support group sessions lasting 75 minutes. Participants are all split into breakout rooms with no more than 20 per group. We aim to have around 15. We close the groups after the second week so that the relationships established in the groups are maintained.

The last session is a webinar that ties together everything discussed in the previous 9 sessions.


Leadership Webinars

Set of 3 or a stand alone webinar where leaders can explore wellbeing and leadership.


Foundation Doctors/ Medical Students


Creative Spaces

Poems and Blogs – examples of creativity before the groups are launched.

Interested in joining a support group? Contact us today and we can get you involved.

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