“Regular weekly support really helped me feel less alone.”

“I just wanted to say a big thank you for the opportunity to attend the Doctors in Distress Long COVID Nurses groups.”

“I have valued these sessions so much, the kindness, warmth and time provided has been so helpful and nurturing. A safe space to really explore how I am feeling and learn with others. Fiona’s calm and kind approach made the sessions feel safe and positive.”

“I have found the weekly meeting very useful as a place to openly talk about my feelings, experience and difficulties without being judged. It was also useful to have people from the same industry where we face many of the same challenges in our work environments/returning to work. Also being able to talk with people further along the path to recovery than me was useful as it helped me consider my recovery options in relation to return to work. It was lovely to be able to see and talk to people in real time in a way that did not expend too much energy or rely on text only communication. The facilitator was very good at being supportive and also guiding the conversation when our brain fogged brains could not think of what to say.”

“It was so easy to talk with other people who understood what I was going through. Lots of information and help from everyone.”

“We had a lot of conversations, everyone could ask or say anything that was on their minds. We were laughing and crying, I found the whole experience very cathartic.”

“The groups were helpful knowing that I wasn’t the only person struggling with this virus.”

Amandip Sidhu

“I have learned so much, about the course, what to expect, various supports and therapies”


“A lifeline. Underlined the value of peer support for enduring complex conditions such as this.”


“Was very useful to discuss with other doctors regarding not just the physical/mental problems encountered with LC but other practical aspects around work/family and to realise that we are not alone.”


“Hugely validating and supportive – great facilitation – very helpful”


“Overall it was a good experience and I felt that talking to my peers has reduced my anxiety about Long COVID and filled me with an optimism somehow”


“One of the most important factors in getting my recovery on track, both for the knowledge & advice, and the support & solidarity. It will be sorely missed as I continue to struggle with ongoing symptoms and limitations, with minimal input or support from health care providers.”


“It was a great learning experience”


“Black Medics Forum was a wonderful safe space in which to express a cauldron of emotions at a very difficult time…where else can we go to discuss our ‘medical grief’. Black Medics Forum is a lifeline”‘


“Very helpful to have a space with other doctors having similar experiences’. It was a very good open space to discuss, express and listen”


“It was good to hear I’m not alone and people are facing similar issues”


“It has been a supportive space and sharing has helped validate difficult experiences/emotions. Good to have the opportunity to share and hear a range of views on subjects that are not being discussed in local social or work groups”