• “Work is limitless and time is limited. Our health is the freedom to live life as we choose to do so.”

BMA Wellbeing Support The BMA runs a dedicated 24 hour support line staffed by professional counsellors as well as  a peer support service.

Depression Alliance UK charity for people affected by depression, offering help to people with depression, run by sufferers themselves.  

DocHealth – A specialist paid for psychotherapeutic service for doctors supported by the British Medical Association and the Royal Medical Benevolent Fund.  Self-referring doctors can access up to six face to face sessions with the service and further care can be advised.  All doctors in the UK are able to self-refer to this service.   

Maytree – For those in suicide crisis.  Maytree offers short-term accommodation with befriending in a confidential, supportive and non-medical environment.  National service, with accommodation based in London. 

NHS Practitioner Health ProgramEstablished in 2008, the PHP supports practitioners with mental or physical health problems including, addiction, particularly if these affect their work.  A dedicated 24 hour text crisis support is available to all doctors in England. 

OCD Action – Charity that provides support and information and works to raise awareness of OCD.

Royal College of Surgeons Confidential Support and Advice for Surgeons (CSAS) – Offers a confidential telephone line as a point of personal contact between surgeons which is intended to offer a listening ear and will act as an informed signpost to appropriate sources of advice and support.

Royal Medical Benevolent Fund –  A UK charity for doctors, medical students and their families. They provide financial support, money advice and information when it is most needed due to age, ill health, disability and bereavement. Help ranges from financial assistance in the forms of grants and loans to a telephone befriending scheme for those who may be isolated and in need of support.

Royal Medical Foundation –  A medical benevolent charity which assists UK medical practitioners and their dependants who find themselves in financial hardship.

The Cameron Fund – The GP’s own charity.  It is the only medical benevolent fund solely supports general practitioners and their dependants.   We provide support to GPs and their families in times of financial need, whether through ill-health, death or loss of employment.  We help those who are already suffering from financial hardship and those who are facing it.

The Tea & Empathy Group Is an open Facebook group for health professionals to provide informal peer support to each other. 

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