Doctors in Distress Logo Redesign
Doctors in Distress have redesigned their logo to reflect their updated vision, values and services from when the charity first began in 2019. The new design was beautifully created by Alice Rose & Co. Hear below from the key team members involved and Alice about the redesign process.

“On the 22nd of November 2022, Doctors in Distress is launching its new logo which gives us a new and much more modern look and feel. By showing the ‘people’ in our name we want to emphasise that we keep the people we support front and centre of everything we do.

Our new logo is beautiful, it is clean and fresh, and I cannot wait to have this on the website and on all our communications. Thank you to all involved in developing this for us.”

Ann Paul – CEO

“When I founded the charity, Doctors in Distress, in 2019, I found myself having to tap into my creative side to help shape the structure and presentation of the organisation. I recall framing the phrase of “Doctors in Distress” in my mind as this most aptly described the situation my late brother was in just before he died by suicide. The anguish, feelings of isolation and incomprehensible suffering he must have been going through was seemingly very complex and a simple description helped me to understand what the charity could do to avoid others going through the same phenomenon.

I then created a logo which best represented this and formed the original design with the Caduceus representing the medical profession with a blue tinge, to represent inspiration & sensitivity as emotions. Some 3 years on, the charity has evolved and grown and as part of that so has our identity and it seems only fitting that our logos and visuals grow too. I am so pleased with our newly refreshed emblem and conveys a message of simplicity, hope and at the heart of what we do – connecting with people to enhance their lives. I am proud of the journey Doctors in Distress has made so far, and its path going forward.”

Amandip Sidhu – Founder

“It’s been such a pleasure working with Doctors in Distress, especially because I know all too well the struggles and pressures being put on healthcare workers. My husband is a junior doctor (anaesthetics) so it’s a privilege to be able to support the team in providing the assistance so many healthcare workers need. 

The brief for the new branding was a slightly tricky one – with a request for nothing too generic with regards to mental health, so no hearts, brains or medical symbols! I created a handful of initial concepts, with the majority playing on the initials ‘DiD’, but despite the team not necessarily wanting people in the logo, I thought I would present my idea of the linear people profiles, as I thought it was a simple way to demonstrate what Doctors in Distress was all about.

It turns out this was one of the favourites, so I developed this concept along with a simple but bold font, and the final logo was decided upon. I tweaked the initial colour scheme to include a warmer accent shade of purple, plus bolder blues to stop it feeling cold and impersonal. I’m so glad they decided on the current logo – I think having something simple that stands out amongst other medical charities will work well for them and means they can attract any doctor or healthcare worker, as it’s not too restrictive.”

Alice Whitney – Logo Designer

“I’m so pleased to see the result of our logo redesign journey. The team and some of the trustee board worked closely with Alice to help develop this updated design and she has done a brilliant job! This logo refresh has been over a year in the making, so it feels great to have finally reached a conclusion.

I’m delighted with the new logo and can’t wait to start using it across our communications!

Thank you Alice and all that helped in the creation of this new design!”

Eilean Crombie – Communications Lead

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