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Pre pandemic 1/3 of doctors who responded to BMJ survey in Jan 2020 described themselves as burnt out.

92% of trusts told NHS providers that had concerns about staff wellbeing, stress and burnout following the pandemic.



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Why the need?


Nearly half of doctors who had responded to a June 2020 BMA survey reported suffering from depression, anxiety, stress, burnout, emotional distress or another mental health condition.

90% of nurse respondents felt higher rates of anxiety than before the pandemic according to a recent Nursing Times Survey.

The COVID pandemic will have a long lasting impact on the mental health of our medical professionals. A record number of people are considering leaving the profession as they do not have the support they need to do their job.

Our NHS workers deserve support. Please give generously and donate to Doctors in Distress to help us provide support groups for our NHS healthcare workers, giving them the confidential and safe environments that they need to look after their mental wellbeing.

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